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Wedding Planning: Major Budget Savers

This post was part of my wedding planning series over on the Meant to Be Blog. Here I talk about all the major ways I stuck to my budget as I planned my own wedding.


I hear it from so many of my brides: “Weddings are expensive!” It’s true, the cost of a wedding can add up quickly. For those working on a tight budget, there is hope! If you are willing to DIY and steer clear of the “I want it all” mentality, you can have a beautiful wedding day without spending a fortune. From one tight-budget bride to another, here are the tips that helped me put together my dream day:

1. The flowers: Having live flowers was important to me. However, I simply did not have the budget to decorate with them everywhere. I opted for a combination of flower sources to save on cost. I had my bouquets and boutonnieres made by a florist because they would be photographed the most. I opted for simple stems instead of elaborate arrangements on the reception tables. I ordered garden roses and hydrangeas wholesale from Sam’s Club and used an eclectic assortment of vases to display them. For the ceremony, I used fake flowers because no one was going to examine them closely enough to tell the difference. By prioritizing which flowers were most important to me and doing a little DIY, I stayed in my budget.

To read the rest of this post, visit the Meant to Be blog at the link below:


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