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Bridal Beauty Myths Busted

I’m still moonlighting over on the Meant to Be blog, and I partnered with PinkLouLou, a hair and makeup design studio in Lexington, to unpack the truth behind some common myths about beauty on your wedding day. Here’s a preview, with the link to visit Meant to Be’s blog to read the full post!

Today we’re joining forces with our friends Dana and Allison of PinkLouLou Design Studio to debunk some common bridal beauty myths. Dana and Allison are professional hair and makeup artists as well as ambassadors of all things fabulous. Who better to help us navigate the truths and falsehoods of hair and makeup? We caught up with them and got their sage advice. Below are some common misconceptions that can trip brides up on their big day.

1. Dirty hair styles better: So false! While having a little grit in your hair does help ease the tease, this effect can easily be achieved with texturizing products. It’s important that you have clean, dry hair to work with on your wedding day. The same is true for your hair trial. If you roll up in a three-day-old messy bun, there’s no way your stylist can give you a test-run of the gorgeous bridal look you’re going for.  Make sure you have a clean face, too, for your makeup application.

To read the rest of the post, click this link to Meant to Be’s blog:


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