Easy Easter Tablescape

I must be crazy, y’all. That’s the only explanation for why I would volunteer to host both Christmas and Easter in our little townhouse during my first year as a married woman. With my parents’ move and job changes, things have been so up in the air that we’ve all been flying by the seat of our pants. They closed on their house last week so I wasn’t sure what Easter weekend was going to look like.

We decided Thursday that we would be doing Easter lunch at my house Sunday. In the midst of re-covering our dining chairs and dealing with the prolonged aftermath of a feline gastrointestinal disaster, topped off by the fact that we were out of town last weekend, that felt like a tall order.

In the last 24 hours I was able to turn my dining area from a “before” photo to a bright, springy setting for a family meal.


IMG_4654IMG_4655IMG_4656IMG_4657IMG_4658The china is an heirloom I was given during my engagement. It’s a Royal Jackson pattern called “Autumn.” Despite the name, I like to use it as Easter china because it has purple, green, yellow, and gold. My Nannie gave it to me with matching lavender napkins. Because our meal won’t be very formal, I wanted to mix the fine china with more casual accents. The linen napkins and table runner tone the formality down a bit. The napkin rings are from the Target Dollar Spot. No amount of self-restraint was enough to keep me from buying them. The rest of the decorations are from a mixture of Hobby Lobby, Marshall’s, leftover wedding décor, and heirloom pieces I’ve gathered.

Easter is about celebrating the hope we have in Jesus’ resurrection and the eternal conquering of death He won for us. Hope you have a table full of loved ones to enjoy the holiday with this weekend! No matter how you’re celebrating, may your heart be filled with hope as we reflect on not only who Jesus is, but what He did for us.

Happy Easter, friends!


One thought on “Easy Easter Tablescape

  1. Very nice job, Mrs. Cude! One would never realize this was done on short notice if you hadn’t told us.

    Happy Easter to all of you. He is risen indeed!!!

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