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December Bible Study: The Story of Hope



Last night I wrote about my near meltdown trying to decorate my house for Christmas. You can catch up on that post here. Today I wanted to share how I’m intentionally preparing my heart this holiday season. I know there are wonderful advent Bible studies out there, but I wanted to create my own this year. I thought I would share it on my blog for anyone else who’s looking for a way to set their heart and mind on the reason we celebrate. My goal is to do a short post each day on the verses.

I’ve divided the study into sections and will be focusing on a different part of Jesus’ birth story in each one. I’m going to do this study for the whole month of December, so I included a section for the days following Christmas focused on the renewal of a new year.

Section 1: The Prophecy

This section will focus on some of the prophecies in the Old Testament that foretold of Jesus’ birth. As we enter the month of December, it’s a good time to reflect on the fact that Jesus’ earthly life was God’s plan from days of old, and that Jesus was experiencing the glory of heaven before he came down to live among us.

  • Dec. 1st: Micah 5:1-6
  • Dec. 2nd: Isaiah 7: 10-16
  • Dec. 3rd: Numbers 24:17
  • Dec. 4th: Hosea 11: 1-11
  • Dec. 5th: Jeremiah 31: 15-20
  • Dec. 6th: Isaiah 9: 2-7
  • Dec. 7th: Isaiah 40: 3-5

Section 2: The Silence

This will be a time to reflect on the hundreds of years of silence that preceded the birth of Jesus. Because of this, there are days where I’m going to read a feature in my Bible that details what was happening during those years. If your Bible doesn’t have that feature, you might look for passages or verses that deal with God’s silence. Job is an example of a man who dealt with a lot of silence from God. Elijah dealt with years of famine waiting for the Lord to speak to Him again. (1 Kings) Psalms is a good place to look too. David goes through a variety of emotions as he waits to hear from the Lord.

  • Dec. 8th: Malachi 3: 1-6
  • Dec. 9th: Malachi 4: 1-6
  • Dec. 10th: Silence feature
  • Dec. 11th: Silence feature
  • Dec. 12th: Silence feature
  • Dec. 13th: Silence feature
  • Dec. 14th: Silence feature

Section 3: The Promise

This section will focus on the time leading up to Jesus’ birth as well as his genealogy. I actually like reading the genealogy because it reminds me how God used each of those people to bring about His kingdom in ways none of them could ever imagine.

  • Dec. 15th: Matthew 1: 1-17
  • Dec. 16th: Mark 1:1-8
  • Dec. 17th: Luke 1: 26-38
  • Dec. 18th: Luke 1: 39-56
  • Dec. 19th: John 1: 1-18

Section 4: The Birth

Here we will read various accounts of the birth of Jesus as well as the fulfillment of prophecies in his early days.

  • Dec. 20th: Matthew 1: 18-25
  • Dec. 21st: Matthew 2: 1-15
  • Dec. 22nd: Luke 1: 57-66
  • Dec. 23rd: Luke 1: 67-80
  • Dec. 24th: Luke 2: 1-7
  • Dec. 25th: Luke 2: 8-20

Section 5: The Hope

This section will focus on renewal and the fresh start of a New Year.

  • Dec. 26th: Isaiah 40
  • Dec. 27th: Psalm 51
  • Dec. 28th: Romans 12: 1-2
  • Dec. 29th: Ezekiel 36: 24-28
  • Dec. 30th: Isaiah 65: 17-19
  • Dec. 31st: Hosea 6

That’s all, folks! I may be cursing myself for saying I would blog each one of these, but hopefully it will hold me accountable. Tomorrow is officially December and there is something about the Advent season that touches my heart so deeply. I can’t wait to see what this study will do for my heart and soul!


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