Guest Room


Our home tour continues and today we venture upstairs! I’ve never lived anywhere that had more than one story before so having all this space to fill has been fun and challenging.

The decor for our guest room was based around some pieces my aunt gave us. She is an interior decorator near Athens, GA and she passed along almost an entire room full of linens and furniture to us. Score! The purple tufted velvet headboard serves as the focal point.

Unfortunately, the curtains she gave us were far too large for our little townhouse windows. We found these at Walmart and they work for now. Eventually we will need to add blackout curtains for those guests who prefer not to wake up with the sun.

For our color palette, I originally thought I would go with lavender on the walls. After painting the samples, I quickly realized that was going to be purple overload. I then gravitated toward a nude pink. My obsession with this color knows no bounds. However, my husband pumped the brakes and said he couldn’t have his friends and family sleeping in a pink room. Since he almost always lets me do whatever I want with the house, I figured I better let him have his way on this one. Besides, we’re still newlyweds. I have to keep him happy for at least a little while longer before I start painting while he’s out of the house ;) We settled on a soft gray with purple undertones.




I love the details in this room. The guest room is where I get to put some of the ultra feminine decor that may not exactly make Andrew feel at home in the other rooms. Here are some of my favorites:

My aunt gave us these wall sconces. They’re perfect for displaying little trinkets, including a photo of my mom in her 20’s that I’ve always admired. These polished rock knobs from Hobby Lobby spoke to my inner rock collector.

This purple chair was another gift from my aunt. It belonged to my great-grandmother Myrtle Rose, my namesake. I scored this framed Cicely Mary Barker print at Goodwill. She was a children’s illustrator who’s work was published in the 1920’s. Her work straddles the line between Art Nouveau and Art Deco. This print is from her garden flower fairies series. I had a book of postcards of these series as a little girl that I used to pour over.


Our guest room has a French theme due to the use of my French vocabulary shower curtain which I will keep until I die. I love it so. This Paris street map was gifted to me by one of my dear college friends when I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. I found the cabinet at Hobby Lobby in blue and painted over it with lavender to match. I filled it with travel items and little extras that guests might forget.

Putting our home together has been so fun and we are so grateful for the home God has provided us. How are you making your home your own these days? I love to hear what other people are trying!


One thought on “Guest Room

  1. I am very impressed, young lady. Your Mom will LOVE sleeping in the guest room with its purple headboard when she is there for a visit. :)

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