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Our Living Room

Our living room, like in most homes, is the first room you see when you visit our house. It’s also one of the smallest rooms I’ve ever seen. Andrew and his brother had this room filled with wall to wall furniture. They built a coffee table and end tables from pallet wood that they were rightfully very proud of. However, they were not following the “form follows function” rule that I am so fond of when they put the room together. I knew when I became lady of the house, I would want some walking space.


I wanted to keep furniture minimal so the room wouldn’t feel so crowded. We bought our couch at Big Lots, and it is the one and only piece of furniture we actually bought for our home. Andrew inherited his Papaw’s dark blue recliner and we added a quilt made by my great-grandmother. I went with a loosely-defined palette of blues and greens with warm metallics. I’d love to add some amber to this room but it is hard to come by.

The other furniture pieces in this room were gifted or found. Our end table was an antique find my aunt passed down to us. I found this white and gold lamp at an antique store in Paducah, and was tickled pink to discover it was made in France.


Our coffee table was a thrift find, as was our sewing drawer, which we are using for remotes. (Correction, I am using it for remotes. Andrew is using it to sit the remote near but never inside.)


Our entertainment center was our first dumpster dive, and I doubt it will be our last. Andrew saw a neighbor throwing it away and took it off his hands. He removed a drawer and stripped it. I painted it and added the knobs. It was a true team effort! It works perfectly as a TV stand and provides storage.

As small as it is, this room still provided the opportunity for some fun details. Here are my favorites:

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There you have it, folks! We’ve covered the downstairs. Next week we’ll venture upstairs. Thanks to all who have shared feedback with me! I hope you’re inspired to make your own house home through personal details and colors that make you feel warm and fuzzy. I’m convinced that’s all you need :)


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