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Hilton Head Island and Savannah: Our Honeymoon

We had a beautiful honeymoon in Hilton Head Island, SC and took a quick day trip to Savannah. I always love to hear about people’s trips so I thought I’d share ours.

Since we left for our honeymoon immediately after our wedding, we stopped in Cookeville, TN to break up our drive. We were so glad we did that because it meant the next day we had less driving.

Our first day was taken up mostly by traveling and getting settled in. We stayed in a condo thanks to Andrew’s parents lending us their time share. When we arrived we bought groceries for the week. We ate lunch at the condo each day and since it was our honeymoon and you only get one, we ate out every night. Once we had gotten groceries and unpacked, we headed down to the beach to learn the route and enjoy a walk.

Our second day, we went to the beach right after breakfast and stayed until lunch. The beach at Hilton Head was beautiful. It was fairly crowded, but people were very friendly and we had no problem claiming a spot. We had perfect weather for the beach. We headed back to the condo for lunch and then right back to the beach!

I came to the beach armed with my Dollar Tree watermelon inner tube and a beach read. And my sock bun of course!

We tried not to have too much of a plan since I had just planned our wedding and we wanted to relax. But at the same time, we wanted to make sure we got the most out of our vacation. Southern Living’s website has a great travel section. You can search by city and find good recommendations for restaurants and things to see/do. I relied on that and TripAdvisor to find our dinner spots.

The first night we ate at Hudson’s on the Docks at the north end of the island. It was originally a seafood processing plant in the 1920’s but evolved into a restaurant over time. Their menu offers fresh seafood caught in Hilton Head. It’s right on Skull Creek and there are a couple other restaurants in the immediate vicinity. There are some docks you can walk out on as well as live music to enjoy. Just by walking out on the dock we saw a blue crab and a manta ray in the water. It was amazing! I’ve never seen wildlife like that outside an aquarium. Maybe I just don’t get out much, or maybe Hilton Head just has beautiful wildlife. I think it’s a little of both. :)

On day 2 we did the beach in the morning and decided to do some exploring after lunch. We went to the Baynard Plantation ruins in Sea Pines and then headed to Harbour Town on the south side of the island. For history lovers, the Baynard Plantation is a quick must see. There’s not a lot to it, but it’s still interesting. Baynard was a plantation where sea island cotton and indigo were grown. Built out of tabby and having suffered a fire, there’s not much of it left, but the foundation remains tucked away under spanish moss. If those walls could talk…


We headed into Harbour Town and spent time in every shop they had in an effort to soak up the air conditioning. Harbour Town has a playground, live music, lots of places to eat and shop, as well as a gorgeous view of the water. We got ice cream under the lighthouse and bought souvenirs. We ate dinner at The Crazy Crab, another delicious seafood spot. After dinner, we went down to the water to watch the sunset. One word about Harbour Town: I would say that the lighthouse is a bit of a tourist’s trap. It was built for purely aesthetic purposes and was never actually used as a lighthouse and yet they offer “tours” to the top as well as a gift shop full of everything in the world that has a lighthouse on it. It’s a cute backdrop for photos, but for my money I’d rather look at it for free than pay to climb all those stairs.


On our last full day, we drove into Savannah and took a Trolley Tour. If you do Savannah, you MUST do this tour. Old Towne Trolley Tours offers an all day, unlimited on/off option and that’s the way to go. You can take the full tour and then double back to stops you were interested in, or hop on and off throughout the day. You also get historical facts as well as portrayals of famous Savannah citizens by actors. Thanks to my Grandma for the recommendation and for paying for our tickets! We ate at a British bakery called Pie Society, lunched at The Olde Pink House, poked around the Paris Market, and did some sightseeing. However, the heat index when we went was 106 degrees, so we saw what we wanted to see and then headed back to Hilton Head to dip into the ocean one more time.

Andrew snapped this while I was Googling the history of The Olde Pink House while we were eating there. I could spout the whole thing by the time we got our food. We all have our quirks, mine is wanting to know the story behind EVERYTHING.

We had a wonderful trip for our honeymoon. Hilton Head was very laid back, family friendly, and beautiful. We’re already dreaming of our next adventure!


One thought on “Hilton Head Island and Savannah: Our Honeymoon

  1. Ashton,, I your stories and your pictures…I spent 2 weeks with your grandmother right after the wedding. She was so excited, ya’ll were all she could talk about. I was able to relieve your wedding with her. That fellow of your sure has her convince he is almost God on earth…can’t wait to keep up with you now that i am on your(blog) love Kaye

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