Wise words.

This is Kelly.


God orchestrated our friendship in a really cool way. He has put her one step ahead of me in major life events, allowing me to benefit from her wisdom and learn from her experience.

I have so many encouraging memories with this lady. We’ve shared deep, rambling conversations, the kind of laughter that makes your stomach hurt, the kind of sorrow that makes your heart hurt, late night snacks and movie marathons and everything in between.

These are some wise words she shared with me about growing up with grace:

“The only difference between the frustration of fixing a toilet and the thrill of discovering something new is your perspective. There is no reason you should look at a new project with any less thrill of excitement than what our dear friend [Walt Disney] felt standing in the middle of a muddy Florida swamp, imagining the turrets of a grand castle scraping the sky. It isn’t time for you to grow up- it’s time for your imagination to find a bigger cardboard box to play in.”

Today I’m thankful for dear friends, wise words and the promise God has made to turn my life into something beautiful.


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